In-home grooming – No Muzzles! No Nooses! No trauma!

Welcome to The Loving Groomer! I’m the groomer your dog or cat would choose if it were up to them. I’m gentle, respectful, and focus all my energy on making sure your pet has the most enjoyable experience possible, being groomed.

Getting clean is just a part of life. Some need it more than others. Humans should bathe everyday. Because of this, we are more accustomed to accepting this facet of life.

Dogs are like kids. Remember when you were a child- you hated taking showers? I try to make their experience fun!

I just ask to borrow a couple of towels and the use of your bathroom. I clean up afterwards like i was never there. I can bring a handheld shower head with me as well.

As a groomer, I converse with your pet and respect their sensitivities.

Cats are a whole different story. They think water will kill them, so i assure them that it will not.

I prefer to be modest, but i believe that i have a special talent with animals. They usually like me, even if they don’t like being washed or clipped. I am open to parent’s watching, asking questions, helping, or giving suggestions.